Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer plunge

We've finally reached that time of year when my admittedly meager global audience drops by a quarter to 30% which occurs as my core audience of college students go on summer break. Which puzzles me every single freaking year though it has gone on for so long I don't remember when I finally noticed it.

You see, I'm like, shouldn't they have MORE time to look at things I have up?

And the answer I came up with for the sake of my ego is that I'm a reference. So I'm more useful when college is in session as that's when they need things I've discovered. Otherwise they have no use for me.

During the summer plunge I tend to drift more than usual though I pride myself on always being capable of just not caring and not doing much, or I do more experimental things.

Not sure what I'll do this year. If anything. Maybe this year I'll just wonder how I should figure out a way to be interesting to college students when they're not in college.

Or I can actually just not care that much. Seems easier. Yeah, I like that one. Will mention it, because I think it's funny and worth noting. And now move on to other things.

Have a great summer!!!

(Oh wait, or Winter for those in the other hemisphere...but are you on break too? Or are there just fewer of you? Not going to ponder that any more. Will stop typing now.)

James Harris
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