Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thank you Supporters!

Was getting mad at myself for repeatedly talking about how many countries supposedly view my pages--according to Google stats--and the reality is that it's not about me. It's not like I can fly all over the world just to click on a link to one of my blogs or to go to SourceForge website to download my app.

(I wonder if there are any people who try that to get high country counts. After all, it's nice to be able to say--read all over the world!)

Reality is it takes a lot of people out there, and turns out there are billions of people out there. It's really important for some of them to notice you, if that's your thing.

So you would not be reading this post if not for the efforts of people other than me.

Even to be found requires that people are showing an interest, like by linking to my blogs or linking to my app website, or actually downloading my Class Viewer app.

And for the people who do--Thank you!!!

My feeling is that my job for the most part is that I should try to be interesting, but that's too hard, so even better: try to put up interesting content.

So far that has worked well, though I'm looking to be more inclusive and engaging I think is the phrase but that's really hard so may do not much different than before.

Regardless I can show some appreciation.

Reality is that if you're reading this post it is because of LOTS of people all over the world without whom I'd be one more needle in a trillion haystacks as the web is kind of big.

You can't even find me without the activities of lots of people all over the globe, and if one of them is you, then to you personally, thanks! I really do appreciate it.

I think of it as a sharing contract. Things are better on the web in my opinion as a sharing place.

It may not seem that way, especially when I'm endlessly telling you how many countries read me, or endlessly focusing on how I feel, or how, it's not about me though.

Actually it never was. Content matters. Be interesting. And also very importantly, be interested.

That's how our web works best for all of us.

Oh yeah, so if you're ever interested in getting my attention you might try to be interesting, but I think that's too hard! So instead, work at sharing interesting content. Fuel the web.

Help make our web grow ever better.

James Harris
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