Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tweet views

Did an email search this morning to see when I first got an email from Twitter with tweet views and found it was March 21st, so over two months ago. But then re-read a post of mine with advice to Twitter which suggested they give tweet view information, which was April 30th.

So I'm sitting here wondering about having suggested in a post of advice to Twitter something they'd already started doing to some extent a month before! And that's the thing. The email told me my tweet with the highest views, and guess I should also say it had 10 views. I was underwhelmed.

And I have no clue if anyone at Twitter reads this blog, but if they did they might have been puzzling about me asking for something I was already getting except the thing is to me, a highlight on a single tweet or two or three isn't as much as I'd want. I'm talking about across the board tweet views, so you can see with every tweet. So I guess I'm not really being inconsistent here. (Sometimes I puzzle about myself.)

Oh yeah, so for a while I've been getting a weekly email from Twitter with highlights, telling me which tweets get the most views. So it doesn't cover all my tweets, just the few that seem to really get interest.

And that's progress. Where remarkably enough having this information I must say weirdly enough I've been getting more and more views each week, as I seem to be unconsciously adjusting how I tweet. So it's like, with no clue which tweets work or don't, how can you adjust? But with that information, I'm looking at weeks where like, I'll have over a thousand tweet views. So from 10 to 1000 in a couple of months? Seems like that information is important to me.

Not sure how widespread this thing from Twitter is, but I think it clear ALL tweeting Twitter people need it, if they are interested in maximizing tweet views! If they don't care about that then no, they don't need the info.

But it is weird to see what resonates, because it's not completely intuitive. Scratch that--yeah I could just delete it and type something else but being dramatic--it's NOT intuitive.

Before I got the information from Twitter, I didn't have a clue.

Oh yeah, glad to at least be getting the highlights information, but will add that knowing in how many and which countries the tweet was viewed would also be very useful information.

James Harris
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