Friday, February 27, 2015

Two photos with natural effects

Having recently joined a site for photographers I'm having a great time learning, like by studying great examples of incredible pictures from lots of expert photographers, and you also get advice on handling your own pictures.

Which means I'm finally learning more about photo editing. So will admit, mainly because I wasn't that serious yet, have just thrown up pictures on the web the way the camera presented them. Which is easier, so it's not that I was ever against photo editing, just didn't feel serious enough to do it with my own, but now am learning.

With that said, looking for an opportunity to share from the site, since I recently arrived and want to see what that looks like. And though I didn't do photo editing I have two photos which I think have natural effects. But it's just what the camera captured. So any effects are what it did, not me. And in these examples the camera was on my smartphone a Motorola Droid2.

Both of these photos are from the Winter of 2012, in San Francisco, and I've given them before in various places, but this way can share from my new profile.

The photo looks sort of black and white but is in color. It was just a grey, wintry day. You can see the color in the trees, the taxi towards the back, and the bow and arrow, called Cupid's Span.

So no photo editing was done here. It's just what the Droid2 decided to capture.

Next the camera properly focused on one guy happening to look to the side, and you get this blurring from other elements because they were moving, which I like.

And again no photo editing was done. Pictures are just what the camera decided it wanted to take when I hit the button.

And that's enough for this check to see how photos pull in from the site.

So far looks like a better way to do it.

Now I can keep my best photos central to one spot, from which I can share easily.


James Harris
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