Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Some writing just to write

The more I write, the more I like to write. Which can be a fun activity in and of itself, and thought I'd collect a few things into a blog post.

Like I just did this EXACTLY 140 character tweet today:

And I was just wondering if I could so I started typing, and found it worked out. But I'm not sure why. So yeah that tweet is exactly 140 characters, and if I'd failed? Well then I just wouldn't have tweeted it. So it's like a low pressure effort. People only even see the effort was made if it succeeded.

(Easiest way to check? If you're on Twitter copy and paste into tweet box to see that 0. Just don't actually tweet it though, of course.)

But I also did this tweet of exactly 140 characters a little bit before which is consistent with the theme here:

Wondering if it's a bit awkward. I'm guessing some things have to be done to make things fit but it's unconscious so I'm not sure how my mind is figuring it out. It just feels like I want to do it, and I watch it happen.

I think it kind of explains the feel of writing just to write.


There's something about getting creative that is so much fun to me. It can be irritating though to think there's some point beyond crafting something you like.

I like crafting things I like, but I also like tossing them out there, like this post. But the effort can be the thing. Crafting sentences, wondering what comes next. What does come next? And then you write something down. Or did I like saying "like" too much? Does it matter?

The flow though can be taken for granted at times, or not, but sometimes I look back and realize the power of the action--just sit down and write out this thing. Why does that happen? I want to put something down, so I do. And then it will get done. Now edit. Keep editing. Edit some more. Walk away. Come back, edit.

So yeah, that happened. And I have the words to prove it! Looking at them always is convincing. But did there have to be a point? Beyond the effort?

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