Thursday, April 09, 2015

Fostering community helps us all

One word gets tossed around quite a bit which is "community" but does that have anything to do with profit? No. Is community about getting as much as you can for one's self? Nope.

So to me it's important to never ignore the importance of those things that help us all, and push back against people who think exploitation is ever a good thing.

Making money is ok. And our world requires that people work, and do things that are not for the good of us all, but may be for the good of an employer, who will pay accordingly.

But SO MUCH of our lives is NOT about trying to impress ANY boss.

In the best communities, people support each other for the good of all. And exploitation is wrong. People who exploit can tear apart communities, and for what? So one person can have more than he or she actually needs?

So yeah, doing things for community is not about money, and I've grown quite a bit through the years as I've appreciated how much we rely on community. Like roads.

Ever think about roads you use? Most people use roads all the time without worrying too much who keeps them up, or how they're paid for, unless a toll road, which shows the opposite. What if every road were a toll road? That would be horrible. You'd have to pay just to leave your own property.

Communities support us in many ways. It pays, figuratively, to pay attention to when money isn't the thing. And having money is great! I plan on probably having a lot of it down the line, but even then, most of what will be most important in my life, will have nothing to do with it.

James Harris
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