Monday, April 27, 2015

Collecting my definitions so far

Turns out I've decided at various times through the years to figure out my own functional definitions, by which I mean they work for me. That is, I need these definitions to DO things, and found existing ones were insufficient. I know, sounds weird.

Oh well, in any event, occurred to me that it would be useful to have the ones I have so far collected into one blog post for ready reference:

science (noun): the art of prediction using methodologies and tools to expand zones of certainty by discovery of a predictive framework.

scientific theory (noun): predictive framework found by using science.

scientist (person): practitioner of science.

All found on my Lost in Comment blog in post: Predictive Certainty

First two are also on my math blog, in post: For mathematical scientists

First one first posted on G+ though. So things are the most scattered around here. Don't like it that way. Guess it just happened.

Progressive (noun):  a person with a political position valuing intelligent governance with the belief that in an intelligently governed world people's lives tend to get better, not worse.

Also found on Lost in Comment, in post: Government that enables

mathematical proof (noun): a mathematical argument that begins with a truth and proceeds by logical steps to a conclusion which then must be true.

Is on my math blog Some Math, in post: Definition of mathematical proof

These are the fully formalized ones. I have other working definitions for things, where I haven't bothered. Putting them here would be a waste as eventually I'll probably formalize them, and want that to be in one place.

I keep these definitions in as few places as possible in case I decide to change them, or remove them. Easier to do if I don't have them scattered all over the place.

So like if I wish to delete any of them, it's fairly easy, as I keep down how often I mention them.

The exception here is that this post is helping me keep up with them.

The goal is to have as few as possible. I'm shocked I needed this many! As this effort is about necessity. If I need a functional definition for something, then I'm kind of stuck until I have one.

Each of these have been used quite a bit by me. They're massive workhorses. 

And with their help, I've crafted quite a few things.

James Harris
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