Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where news business will go

Not one who shrinks from putting up an opinion though I also feel I work things out with theory to get to it, I'm willing to just say where I think the news industry must go as a business in order to make money.

First off, where it was involved advertising, which people tolerated as much as anything. And reality is, like on the frontiers of the US back in the 1800's that newspaper could be a lifeline. You could crave information and advertising opened up possibility as well as tried to sell you things.

While today I say you figure out that news was valuable to you, after you read it. And that eventually you'll get a chance to pay after.

And that's it. In my vision, someday when you read an article on some news site after you've finished at the bottom there might be a button with some small amount on it, and you can just hit that button and pay for the read, or not. That is, say directly that you found that information valuable.

My guess is that people in the news industry if they even came across this post would automatically say that no one would pay. I say they're focused on the rear view mirror and haven't even really checked if there is another way.

Yes, for quite some time news and advertising worked together one way. Now I think a new way will have to emerge.

Which is not to knock advertising as I believe that outside of news, advertising will be bigger than ever, especially in entertainment, where it will be most focused.

And those are opinions of mine and will be curious to see what actually happens.

James Harris
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