Sunday, January 24, 2016

What I think is future of social media

Reality that social media can allow easy communication with people of like interests all over the world will drive its future am certain. And shared interests are extremely important where I think the first phase of social media which is now, is not optimal to that view.

And in fact already put up a blueprint of what I think another type of social media company might be which I put up back December 2014, which is my Globloc concept. And re-reading it now it's rather dense reading! So a bit of warning if you chase the link.

Connected with it is my idea of expected alignment, where I posted the next month.

And to me the first paragraph talks what I think the future of social media is, while have continued with what I think are some possible solutions which will drive things towards that future. Which doesn't mean am right! But it is fun to pursue such avenues of thought for me, and gives me content for my blog.

James Harris
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