Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some rude reality

It may not be clear from my posts where race has come up more that I've been in some interesting discussions, where it would be a situation where someone would bring up race out of the blue.

And my life has been atypical in lots of ways, as though I grew up in the Deep South, where there is an infamous history of racism, will admit most of my classmates growing up were White. And I graduated with the highest SAT of my graduating class, and went on to Vanderbilt University on a full tuition scholarship where I got my degree in physics.

Ok, so back to those discussions where race would come up out of the blue as I thought about them carefully through the years and usually it would be clear that I was an equal among equals, more or less.

And some White guy would suddenly start talking race. And in one of these discussions, one put forward the notion of political correctness and that history reflected that White males were actually superior to all others. I found that fascinating.

Often other White guys would just get uncomfortable when this, oh yeah, was often me as one Black guy with a bunch of White guys where before things were just friendly and would be ONE dude. Usually ONE FREAKING dude who would decide to mess up the vibe.

I really don't like that one freaking dude who thinks he has an easy way to try and pump himself up, when I'm doing my thing, just having a fun time. And oh God, don't let there be pretty women around. Even worse.

Then he'd look all proud of himself, like there. Now he had established that he was a little above me, in his mind, where no one else agreed. And I mean no one. But the delusion was so solid! And I realized that guy had probably relied on this fiction throughout his life.

Science HAS debunked such notions.

However the view that it is politically correct to claim that human beings are equal and that race isn't a clear divider of ability is popular with a certain group of people primarily in the United States. And I can often spot them quickly.

After decades of studying them am very confident about why they do it. Quite simply?

It makes them feel better. Not complicated.

James Harris
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