Sunday, February 21, 2016

When merit really matters

The web is so awesome for sharing information it has done a lot for forcing people to actually show they can do something, versus just getting over. And it's fascinating to look back a few decades and see a monochromatic reality that was presented as merit based where now it's ever more clear that certain types of people just helped each other.

And I'm not against people helping each other! But when the best were needed but instead someone who may not have even been all that good got the gig, then something went wrong.

Merit is a good way to do things.

Pick the best person for the job. And why not?

Well in the past the reasons were not complicated as some people wanted to believe they were born innately superior. Which when you think about it might seem kind of cool, except then, what's the big deal with your success? I think most people want to work for success versus having it handed to them.

Today science has debunked all such notions, which doesn't keep people from having them, and some say it's actually "politically correct" to claim certain types of humans aren't innately superior, as look at history!

Yup. Look at history, and with the penetrating gaze of the web revealing all kinds of things previously hidden, it's very clear, yup, some people were getting over.

Incompetents having mistakes hidden. Stupid mistakes not called such. A press willing to hold the status quo. And quite simply? Often people just freaking lied to hold on to a notion that some were better, just by being born that way.

Our world IS better now as humans get to just be humans.

You may want to think you're a better kind of human than me, but your thinking is stinking then. And the reek is what history will reflect as merit can matter when transparency rules.

And the web likes to probe.

Can't wait to see what comes up next! As the web digs and digs into human reality, behind what were relentless lies designed to preserve an illusion of supremacy, against scientific reality.

James Harris
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