Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Could entertainment mood analysis be a business?

In a mood to brainstorm, where now am refining ideas versus basic research, but still brainstorming involves limited critiquing, so yeah MY brainstorming has SOME, and limited editing to posts. So I'm wary of saying a post is brainstorming and then feeling like have to edit, so if that does happen would just strip all the brainstorming out of it.

And really liked doing the mood analysis recently of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and guess it went over ok, but yeah talking for the public? With such things maybe more interesting to entertainment executives?

Potentially as a business thing, as making it all up as I go along so am talking making up an entirely new industry if mood analysis is not a thing already and I guess is not? I don't know. Will research it more. But I focus on mood as functionally defined entertainment as ANYTHING humans use to safely try to control mood. And brainstorming can fiddle with my own freaking definition for purists--um, purist is me?--who have never seen it said that way.

Emphasis on safety removes other things used to control mood, like drugs. Or anything that can cause harm, so yeah that could be ANY kind of harm and maybe is worth focusing on how safe true entertainment actually is. Meandering a bit.

Oh, so let's say some television show wants a mood analysis as maybe ratings are dropping and executives are desperate enough to try out new ideas from some guy on some blog. I'd be like, ok send me some episodes around the drop, unless a new show and could watch from the beginning. And I'd do a mood analysis which looks like one have done and posted, and send it to them. If they thought it useful then they'd pay whatever fee I came up with, and that would be that--known upfront of course as continue light edit. If they thought was a crock then they would wander off and say nothing. I would say nothing too. Or in business terms, everything would be kept confidential, whether they liked it, or not.

That could be SO much fun or me. Especially if got a real industry started and got episodes ahead of audiences if built up that level of trust, and...brainstorming is so much fun. I've said brainstorming more in this post than in any other I've done as new territory! Is cool. Feels kind of scary. Is that even possible? Could entertainment executives actually pay me for such?

Oh so yeah, could be anything in entertainment, and not just television shows which is the power of a real definition if that works! So is anything set up for business?

Nope. Just musing. Didn't want to use that word again, but hey is brainstorming! And went about as I expected. Now light editing so don't just look stupid, and if you see this post then it survived the brainstorming label or you may see this post with all of that stripped! And written as a regular post, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun, or as fast. As think have been typing for about five minutes.

Other reason to brainstorm is to just get something quick. Write fast. Get out, and get on that copyrighted? Ok, am done. Brainstorm DONE.

Light edit done. Here we go. Posting.

James Harris
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