Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Free thinking for fun

Putting up ideas on a blog is fun, and one thing I also learned to do is to emphasize am some guy--as I like to put it--working at my own approaches to things.

But in our complex world we have experts who can dedicate a lifetime to fully understanding certain areas who gain that expertise with intense schooling or other training, and I shy away from areas where that is necessary, in my opinion.

So for instance wouldn't attempt to give medical assessments, or legal opinions, or any of a number of things where I don't have the expertise.

Where I do operate is in the arena of basic ideas at the very foundations, like I'll puzzle over what is science, which is meta science. Or try to consider the essence of what is money. Or more recently have focused on entertainment.

And it can seem strange but knowing what science is, is completely different than the complexity of a scientific discipline. Like you can know what an automobile is, without being able to tear down the engine.

And LOTS of people use money just fine, without having to have advanced training in economic theory. To me that is kind of a clue. Like I know calculus.

Who uses calculus just for fun? People who know calculus and most people don't.

Takes advanced mathematical training to do calculus for fun. But millions of people, um, billions of people use money without advanced training. To me is an indication of simple basic principles.

Focusing on the most basic of fundamentals lets me let my imagination run free, while also letting me test things rather easily. While also allowing musings to potentially be accessible to others with interest without it having to be a big deal.

And believe me I know the complex areas. Like let me start babbling about partial differential equations and how many would keep reading?

While some people would find that intriguing and follow along ok.

(If you DO want to read me talking a partial differential equation click here.) 

Ok I used to know a lot more calculus than I do now. Haven't used it much for fun recently though I did look over a couple of years ago variational calculus and it finally made sense! That was so cool.

James Harris
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