Saturday, October 15, 2016

Accomplishments are cool

Actually paid more attention this year to college graduates back in Spring, so yeah months ago but finally talking it here, as found myself contemplating 25 years since my own college graduation.

Where of course graduating from college is an accomplishment, which was on top of graduating from high school, where will be 30 years next year. And have been thinking much on how big of a deal it is to have accomplishments where you can just trot them out easily.

But yeah is also cool without those particular ones as many have done well, and I use that word cool a lot because I like it. There is just this good feeling with it which I will not give up just because I use it much as do plenty of other people. And it's not the word's fault, cool is just such a cool word.

Explaining things to people? Not so much fun. And society gives you these arenas for accomplishments that don't take a lot of explanation. But also is a good feeling when you're down and worried may be out, and can remember.

I've been there, when had to remind myself.

It is weird though all the varied things that amaze me more now. But then managed to get so much done--navigate through a new environment, make friends, and figure out how to do laundry. And explore, explore, explore if you're me, often with an abandon may wish for later, as necessity was in the need. And with my school downtown Nashville, Tennessee was a fascinating playground.

It took decades to just feel a warm satisfaction with such past accomplishments, which to me is a good thing to put out there. To remind myself how often you appreciate your accomplishments maybe so much more than you realize in decades to come.

So best thing I say is to get as many as you can when you can. And yes society will trot out some good ones to have, like graduation from various places because society knows what it's doing.

James Harris
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