Sunday, October 09, 2016

Practical reality with my ideas

One of the more important things I did recently was stop original research. Which to me is, as best I can, as I actually tried stopping for years but seems to have really worked this time, so am cautiously optimistic. (Should have known better. Have figured out a few more things since this post.) Problem with my process there is I'd publicly talk out ideas, to help evaluate them which is a lot of work, and can literally take YEARS till am satisfied.

And one thing have addressed here and there is idea acceptance, and turns out the bigger the ideas as to how many total humans maybe impacted the larger the resistance not surprisingly. Though also have talked about web authority, and of course kind of take it for granted that ideas zip rapidly around the globe now.

Turns out if you put all of that together you can reach some rather obvious conclusions, which I say, to point out I will not explain much in this area, any more.

What I will say is that if you have a useful idea, in my experience, it gets picked up so rapidly it defies explanation. And have been able to literally watch ideas zip around the planet as best I could using various tools available, like web analytics.

Which is also satisfying will admit. Does tend to quiet those doubtful voices within my mind.

And almost done but then comes the alternate thing of what is reported, and I realized something fascinating about people reported on, which is usually you do something that gets a TON of attention or just get famous and then reporters track you down, and bug you with questions, and not the other way around.

Actually demonstrated for myself once with a test case with karaoke, which is one of two times that I remember having been interviewed where was with several other people so I was NOT the focus even there. (Interview is from 2009. Wow time does fly. And editing post just a bit with some additional information now September 19, 2017. Debating if should remove post and for now, it stays. Kind of think is funny actually. Which helps post stay.) And correction as I did NOT mean looked like Lionel Richie as I do not, but that I tended to sing most like him I thought as liked to sing several of his songs. Otherwise interview is rather accurate though truncated a bit, like they took out all the cursing.

The first was WAY back when a teenager when I had the highest SAT of my graduating high school class. Was in the local paper before couple of times, but not interviewed I don't think.

Oh, so the good news is, to the extent I have good ideas put up on my blogs, as near as I can tell, they're not only being used, but have been used rather heavily almost as soon as I put them up! Like grabbed up immediately and put to work kind of thing.

Which is cool.

James Harris
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