Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Try web reference about me

Describing yourself can be hard, but even harder, how can people know is true? Which is how web authority can help out as I use web reference. I will italicize things to search. If you choose not to search though can still learn things about me. But how to know if true or not?

My biggest attention draw globally is some math I found. Where am not a mathematician as my degree is just a B.Sc. in physics. Another way I get global attention is with my open source app Class Viewer which is for Java developers.

There are phrases where I decided to take over and use my way, like "meta innovator" but there search may vary a LOT depending on search engines, versus ones given before. I prefer when quotes are not needed.

Also can be rather dramatic like I decided to talk about "short timeline reachable goals" which makes sense! But my usage was first I could find anywhere with web search! It amazed me. With quotes can see how restrictive that kind of thing can be. When I did while back would get zero search results.

And that's enough of that I think. Just trying something out. There are others I could use in lots of areas as am into the meta of learning itself, so I have plenty of things I like to discuss or explore.

If those searches didn't bring up my things then this route failed. Oh well.

Oh, but if worked, you may wonder why. Well according to search engines is driven by linking behavior, so is about what human beings all over the world are doing. I have no control over that either. So it is an objective measure

Checking to see if web reference can help me with an authority problem, as mainstream sources refuse to, um, do they refuse though? Not sure. But I can't just say, go to this human authority or that one to back me up. So am looking creative.

There is also other practical reality that people will wonder, and may even ask, what's your deal? And for me for YEARS that has been HARD to explain. So working on it.

I like to try things, and see what happens! And yes, when I do blog posts like this one can see what impact if any there is. And usually? There is a reaction. So kind of just in a mood to see what happens so enough typing. Time to edit and post!

And have posted but am still editing. Which means post may change until am satisfied. But gist of it will remain the same.

James Harris
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