Sunday, December 11, 2016

Must make marketing cool

Years ago used to really upset myself with things like the country counts as didn't understand how could be read all over the globe without it being more of a big deal. So I figured it out and realized that I have had more of a community focus for some time. And also I do NOT like being wrong and especially don't want to lead others down wrong paths.

Which means I present my speculative ideas as what they are, speculative. And appreciate the attention from web analytics while also appreciating less distance to fall if something turns out to be crap.

So was really important for me to stop doing my own new research! And then could start pondering how maybe to shift from just this global community perspective where I give ideas away without looking for anything more than interest to something else.

Which is why I created a new blog to focus on commercial. And I called it, um, Seriously Commercial.

THAT blog unlike anything else I have has one purpose. And to make sure I didn't forget, yeah, I put that in the name.

Only thing is am now pondering more how to do the commercial more as for over a year has been me posting, without having any commercial thing really established which is about building an audience first.

But how do I make marketing cool? Thinking blog will leverage my ability to get attention, and according to Google Analytics it already had visits from 58 countries. So from the stats available, yeah, should be able to deliver a global audience to someone looking to reach one, commercially.

Which has me back to this blog to do problem solving. Can't figure it out on the blog in progress so here will probably be the one to work it all out, as my other two blogs focus differently. Only Beyond Mundane can comfortably work on this particular problem without it looking weird, I think.

So to start I need something cool enough to be able to put a blog post about it on Seriously Commercial to promote that something with enough global intrinsic to it for around 50 countries, where that something is up to my standards. And is a great referral.

I have total control. So I can do what I want and not do what I don't want. And to me great referral is the best standard so I can BRAG about anything promotional. So am looking around just pondering. Scanning the globe. Not reaching out to any entities yet or anything like that as I evaluate.

Oh and my other blogs may get into it anyway as they're a team. Haven't all been working together as one visibly for a long time, but hey, is important! Was fun though years ago when they all worked together at times in a very visible way.

Is kind of cool I've missed. When all three blogs work in concert kind of, well, if it happens will be very interesting I know from experience.

James Harris

Monday, December 05, 2016

How much global and metrics

One of the things I realized I should document is my own assessment about how many things of certain types I have global at this point, and how I measure. As usually just look at things and ponder. That is, I just think about it without having anything written down, so yeah, need something can check later just to know how was thinking certain things.

So yeah, going to just put some of that pondering down here so I have as a reference later.

And right now I consider 3 of my 4 blogs truly global as get visits according to Google Analytics from at least 50 countries per year. This blog had some weird jump and is at 83 countries so far this year according to Google Analytics am checking for this post. And that's from 523 cities and 57 languages where I think Google Translate is what allows that to happen.

Conceivably am looking at impact of my open source project linking to this blog but that has ALWAYS been the case and it has downloads from 109 countries so far THIS YEAR from SourceForge statistics where don't have a city or language count.

Usually I actually use that as my baseline for MY global reach as is downloads, so to me gives more concrete information than just visits.

Conceivably more countries look at this blog, but only see what Google Analytics registers. Oh yeah so that is across the board which is why I see these as more of a general idea of things.

So am at 4 global things now. Three of my blogs: Some Math, Beyond Mundane, and my new one Seriously Commercial which was a BIG surprise. Am in the process of building it up, and haven't promoted it yet.

Harder to estimate is with my social media. There Pinterest helps me the most with analytics, but still not seeing the kind of massive country counts as with my blogs which really are the pillars. They can drive attention as I want including across my social media so I see it as that way and not the other way around.

Other way to consider global reach is with global search result levels which I can only get from Google and yup, get that information about my blogs. Google will tell me global search positions which is weird data to me. Yeah is cool to have search results that ARE global but other things puzzle me. Have learned to talk MUCH less about details and notice, no audience numbers! Have no clue really but have data which is the contradictory thing that has left me befuddled for about a decade now.

Actually is reason I decided to explain social media follower counts with my entertainment guess, which lead me to define entertainment. So yeah I know I think what's going on but haven't been able to test on the upside as I'd need to be entertaining which am not motivated to do. I'm NOT an entertainer.

Oh, so where do things seem to drop off for my global reach? For years oddly enough take it for granted is across South America and Africa. So yeah I cover the world for the most part except for those continents which is why my country counts are as low as they are. And why is that? I do not know but can speculate easily enough but why really should I?

Oh yeah, so Twitter is a lot of fun for me with lots of metrics there where will just say there can be spikes of attention which make sense. So yeah my tweeting behavior did shift massively once I had analytics data and there were HUGE jumps in impressions, where I have a good idea about why.

Most mysterious and hard to measure social media for me are Google+ and for my Facebook Page. Still working on metrics that work for me.

And this post is way long. So will stop there. What do I do with all that reach?

Just read my blogs and you can see. It's not complicated. And yeah, each post is for a purpose. The blogs rule. Everything else is really driven from them though my open source has its own clear space, I consider it minor in comparison, though it is most transparent because it's open source, so I reference it a lot.

James Harris

Sunday, December 04, 2016

With what regard

Our modern attention reality is extremely precise as so much information is more readily available because the web eases distribution than has ever been the case for the human species. Right now if I notice someone interesting who is a public figure, I can in the space of about five minutes find out vast amounts of information on that person, both good and not so good, as always exists.

The totality of a human being is what is being presented more and more where your entire history as a human is now increasingly part of your story, if online and public.

And if you refuse to put it out there? Then that tells a story too! The power of the web is inescapable in our times.

So yes you can develop over years a close network of people who know and trust you, and watch as others also have a web presence and can do things you could not imagine a human being could get done, with a single tweet.

While the pickiness of the human species is not less as a result, as it is far greater. People don't have to guess at what's possible as often they can look at any number of examples.

Exemplars are defining more and more what is possible for human beings which is great as many are pushing the limits beyond what most thought was.

We can see just how far human beings can go with so many things and be inspired.

In our times attention is a thing. It's neither good nor bad in and of itself.

And like it or not, you will communicate to your fellow human beings. The web will force that one at least.

On it you will communicate by your entire web presence, and if not on it, you will tell so much more than you realize and those people aren't even reading this information if really off the web.

Which is fascinating to me, as I know these words will impact their lives, regardless.

James Harris