Sunday, December 04, 2016

With what regard

Our modern attention reality is extremely precise as so much information is more readily available because the web eases distribution than has ever been the case for the human species. Right now if I notice someone interesting who is a public figure, I can in the space of about five minutes find out vast amounts of information on that person, both good and not so good, as always exists.

The totality of a human being is what is being presented more and more where your entire history as a human is now increasingly part of your story, if online and public.

And if you refuse to put it out there? Then that tells a story too! The power of the web is inescapable in our times.

So yes you can develop over years a close network of people who know and trust you, and watch as others also have a web presence and can do things you could not imagine a human being could get done, with a single tweet.

While the pickiness of the human species is not less as a result, as it is far greater. People don't have to guess at what's possible as often they can look at any number of examples.

Exemplars are defining more and more what is possible for human beings which is great as many are pushing the limits beyond what most thought was.

We can see just how far human beings can go with so many things and be inspired.

In our times attention is a thing. It's neither good nor bad in and of itself.

And like it or not, you will communicate to your fellow human beings. The web will force that one at least.

On it you will communicate by your entire web presence, and if not on it, you will tell so much more than you realize and those people aren't even reading this information if really off the web.

Which is fascinating to me, as I know these words will impact their lives, regardless.

James Harris
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