Thursday, September 04, 2014

Our information

The web is an information zone, and more so than at any other time in human history, information can flow rapidly all over the globe. We all need to take published instances of security breaches very seriously as they give us a warning, and chance to work harder as it becomes ever more clear what our new reality truly represents.

There is a vast amount of information collected about many of us on a daily basis for many reasons, and private information should remain private no matter who it is. And for people confident they never put anything out there, how do you really know? Increasingly data is being stored about all of us, including very private information. And not always by choice, as in cases where people have exploited their positions like a recent infamous case of a doctor illegally taking pictures of patients.

The web has democratized lots of things, and those who look at celebrities as if distant cases from their own lives need to realize they're in the same boat. The only difference with a famous person is the possible levels of attention.

Security services of both the United States and the UK have reportedly been involved in victimizing people in their homes by spying on them through their computers.

It's not enough to think you're not putting private images of yourself online. Someone else may do it to you.

Theft of private information should not be looked at as a joke, or the fault of the victim any more than if anyone breaks into your house and steals something. Expectations of privacy have to be enforced for the information security of all of us.

The world has changed. As exciting as it may be to look at some seemingly distant figure dealing with information theft, there should be a local concern as you may be a victim as well without even knowing about it.

As someone watching the news I know my opinion of recent people who had private information stolen and tossed out there has not changed. They simply faced a theft. In our world information has become a thing along with all our other possessions and like them, something others may steal.

None of them were at fault. And if you think you're safe, then you're not paying attention.

James Harris
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