Saturday, January 21, 2017

Web audiences can move well

One of the BEST things about the web which can give you pause when you put up content, as I do, is the ability of audiences on the web to move rapidly, either towards your content or away. Like I've found certain topics can dramatically drop interest in this blog by objective measures, while others can ROAR it up. Either thing can be disconcerting but such shifts are simply natural.

And objective measures are really important, and I rely more on tools that tell me things feel like are more informative in that regard, like linking behavior. And to me, the fluidity of the modern web audience is a HUGE plus, because you can get to a place where you're comfortable putting up whatever feels right as you and your audience have learned what to expect.

I learn much about what I like to write about, by what I write about, and often am somewhat surprised. As the feeling is not as informative as one would think. I can feel a need to write something and think I know why but understand better in time. And readily admit that more ideas come to mind for posts than get posted, where I have 4 blogs, but am not so anxious about constantly putting up content. So the reason for that many is really about focus, where that content is going, and expectations for me as well as those who like to read there.

And reality is, am more an audience member myself than a content creator I think. Because spend so much time looking at things produced by others, and is good to realize that in our times, we can just pick and choose.

You hold the modern audience by merit more.

It's a great thing.

James Harris
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