Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My attention reality and commerce musings

The idea that where people direct attention can be related to commerce isn't at all new. While I've enjoyed for quite some time what I recognized as a sharing reality with what I put up public. Which here continues. But I finally decided to try and go commercial with a blog which is in the process, which I decided to call Seriously Commercial so I'd stay focused.

But I can't just set out to do things like they've been done, as for one thing I think that's less effective and also, it makes me feel uncomfortable. For instance I've noted that I don't get paid to talk anything, and have a position that if that changes I would inform where I put a page on Seriously Commercial to keep up with such things. Now of course notes no paid endorsements.

To some extent it feels odd to note such things but then again I do talk about global reach which potentially could be used for moneymaking purposes, I'd think. Have thought such things before! And finally interested enough to work at it a bit.

However, I believe that directing attention works best if done best as great referral.

Which to me is a very different way from like, a television show which will take ads with whatever system they use for picking them and I don't know. Do know have seen plenty of commercials where am like, oh no.

There are areas where I've focused more objectively like noting areas where I have measures from others showing interest, various things I've done have pulled from quite a few countries. It makes sense that with that information I have some ideas about what it takes to interest my fellow human beings all over planet Earth. So kind of convoluted.

Well at least that seems logical to me!

So yeah, I haven't done anything paid to direct attention, and created a blog to handle that kind of thing, which means other areas like here remain free to just do like I've been doing. Will note that am thinking of my Facebook page as a place to support the commercial blog, so it links to it.

To me it's really cool as to be someone who has demonstrated can get global attention for over a decade who has been very careful to be very wary on the money-side is comforting to me now.

SO many convoluted sentences in this post! But subject area makes me way uncomfortable.

My focus on sharing information as I have has been pragmatic to me.

And more than likely? Is how I got to learn so much. If I had been money focused earlier it's probable that would have changed lots and even now am not really money focused as sharing interesting things is so much more fun.

James Harris
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