Saturday, February 04, 2017

Executive summary of my situation

Discovered some important and powerful things including important ideas in several areas. However ran into a silent treatment from established experts. Also struggled with anxiety with the attention I found I was getting primarily from analytics provided by Google, which for years questioned.

But also for years I reacted by discovering more, and branching out into different areas, which became immensely satisfying. However, I also discovered the difficulty with leveraging the attention for monetary purposes, without credibility from established sources. Which means have struggled financially. And have had very little money for long periods of time, relying on family and community help.

Turning my curiosity and analytic techniques on to the problem simply defined money, monetary systems and attention reality to understand celebrity and promotion.

Now having finally convinced myself of the validity of my ideas with my own techniques am turning my attention to resolving the situation.

However, simple conclusion now is: need to make relevant contacts who will accept the above and help me. There is only so much can do on my own.

The entertainment industry I've realized offers a possible way to more easily show value to others, escape needing experts, break the silent treatment tactics that have worked surprisingly well for certain ones of them, and move forward.

It is not clear however how well this path will work compared to others so uncertainty for me continues.

James Harris
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