Monday, July 10, 2017

Thoughts on web sense and authority

A concept have been pondering recently is a sense of the web, which makes sense to me to call web sense. And seems reasonable to me that web sense is your sense of audience for what you put public--present and future.

Where audience can be a fluid concept on the web. For instance I have routinely noted on my blogs including this one when a post I wrote years ago can suddenly gain LOTS more interest. Reality is that new people may come across this blog routinely and can find something written long ago is relevant to them.

And also I will push out links at times across other areas of the web, including social media if feel is relevant. Like recently did that with a post musing on how we know.

Having a sense of future audience does seem to apply a certain amount of pressure though, as is not as simple as not putting up something embarrassing. Especially if you put up a LOT of content across a lot of web things, which I like to do, as I like to write.

Where other thing still ponder is web authority, where found myself functionally defining authority on my blog Seriously Commercial which is supposed to be where I, yeah try to be commercial. And I simply start with authority relative to one entity is when some other entity has information needed. Then go on for about three pages--if you wish read entire post there.

On here I guess that should support my prior musing on web authority and now have an evolved perspective. I feel that eventually web authority will encompass all others and called it a meta authority.

And also is more than a year since decided I was a meta innovator, and feel more comfortable with that and feel it is efficient as a label. Where emphasize that meta just means self-reference, and is way shorter than saying something like, self-referential innovator. That meta may get used other ways besides self-reference is just one of those things. And the post I'm linking to which is my base post for describing myself as a meta innovator is dated May 29, 2016, so yeah recently passed one year anniversary.

These things are all related, as your web sense is necessary for your audience. And it matters to people with what authority you put up things, while often they research you through web authority, like when use web search.

And as a meta innovator I like to see the big picture of innovation wherever it interests me, and of course the web is one of the most active innovation zones imaginable.

So it helps me to keep up with my meta perspective, which I think explains this post, as ask myself things routinely, and brings me to the end of it.

James Harris
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