Monday, July 31, 2017

Firmly on the ground but to fly

There is a jolt I feel now when people talk about chasing your dreams, of mixed emotion. And think so often one can hear it like a mantra, but feel more like while people talk about YOUR dreams you should chase, more often you will find judgement based on theirs which to me is odd.

So would like to think that if I talk about YOUR dreams with you? Will at least give you the chance to share, if you wish, but only if you wish. And to me your success then becomes about your standards in finding that which you chose to define. And I have no right to judge.

However practical reality as human beings is that we do self-reference all the time. And the proper word is meta which got lost to other things maybe because people don't like to admit it.

Is it too honest to acknowledge how often you look at someone else through the prism of your own desires?

That sounds cool to me as am in a mood to write for writing's sake. Just to watch the words march across the screen. They're stumbling a bit, which to me is about emotion. There is so much FEELING in the subject of dreams. Why do we chase our dreams, in one sense, in contrast to what we can experience nightly in a different context? Musing to me is more appropriate. Though even there the word is rooted in other ways. Who is your muse?

Got a tweet want to put here but debating with myself. I wrote it one way, but wonder if should have been slightly different:

And here's the alternate, which would still be 140 characters exactly, if tweeted. Will fancy it up a bit too with italics:

Dreams define admitted or not 
actions speak better than words. 

Those chasing may find through trying a lot. 

Or best with actions deferred.

And with second version simply keep consistent with punctuation, as add the missing period from first part. Which required removing a comma, which could consider redundant.

Here's the thing though, as logical as that sounds? Am not sure which version is actually correct. Or did I leave that off with the original, on purpose? Was it some poetic instinct which was more valid than the reasoning which thinks it fixes?

Is up to the reader really. I can read one way, and others different. And THAT is what captures you, and why we end up worrying how others see our dreams. We are a communal species I tell myself, and it matters how people care about what you share.

Mostly it matters, when they do care, versus not caring at all.

Who you matter to, matters as much as the dreams. That word is so hard on me with writing, as matters to, fits so much better than anything else, says the creative part of me. But a judging part of me doesn't like the dangle.

Feels like am leaving something hanging.

James Harris
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