Monday, April 14, 2014

Web digesting television

As someone who predicted a BOS--Browser Operating System--as the next phase years ago I feel good about trends moving in a direction I long suspected. And with Chromecast making waves where I guess from its name it is related to Chrome OS which is a BOS, I think it worth talking about television and what I think is its place in our modern web ruled world.

I actually put up my thoughts on the subject years ago in a tweet:

Back then I didn't capitalize as much.

Noting these trend predictions is not bragging as it helps to figure out what's going on, and why.

And that is a BIG DEAL as money eventually moves as people figure out what they want now, which can make or break companies.

My view is that television will remain in our web centric world but people will use their "televisions" as web portals where, yeah, they'll also watch TV on them.

And I think that's really cool.

The rise of streaming devices is a necessary phase in the evolution of the web, which is still young, still growing and maturing, and needs to gobble up certain things and digest them in order to help that growth process.

I'll also say I'm a bit disappointed that Chrome OS is really the only main thing out there I know of with a BOS while Mozilla has efforts, but they don't seem to be moving as well at this point.

I think a BOS is just a natural thing with a web-centric world, and wonder why it's taking so much time for the concept to really grow wings. But then again that's the reality of a world full of ideas, and besides I may be wrong regardless of what things look like today. In time I'm certain it will be clear.

James Harris
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