Monday, May 25, 2015

Some thoughts on my learning the web

To me a lot of posting I do is talking out things as I try to learn the web, where it's this great adventure. But also you don't want to be taken, or look stupid...well, does it really matter so much how you look? I'm not as excited about that one. But being taken is something I think it's very human to worry over.

No one wants to be cheated and I feel good that I'm having a great experience on the web, learning a lot, and getting to share some things of my own, and it's good.

It has taken time for me to figure some things out though. Like community IS a huge big deal, where for instance the open source community is critical to the continued health and existence of the web.

In community it isn't so much about what any particular person does, but that every one does their best to support the community which supports them.

Most people do try. But some people like to muck things up. Some people mess things up just for the fun of it. Others are neutral, tending to not be a detriment, but also not helping either. And somehow it all mostly works.

To me when I'd worry most that maybe I was somehow being cheated in the process it was about money, which is why it was so important for me to work it out, and now I'm like, I'm not being cheated! Yeah!!! So that was really the point of a lot of posting, working out the monetary system to see if maybe I was being cheated, and am not. So done.

Hmmmm...but now that's all worked out what do I do next? I'm sure I'll think of something.

James Harris
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