Saturday, November 28, 2015

Talking things around open source app

Realized should do a post talking about my open source software application which is called Class Viewer which is for Java developers. It has continuing support from me, but thankfully is a lightweight, low maintenance in my opinion, project which really hasn't changed very much in over a decade.

There are continuing downloads and thank you for those downloading! Where lately seems to be around a quarter of a thousand per month. So not TONS but more than enough to keep me satisfied that there are still people out there who need it. Which is one of the greatest feelings ever which is why I don't talk about it too much. Have talked more lately because passed the 10 year mark recently so feel safer.

For the first time that I know of since had country counts this year might not pass downloads from over 100 countries, which got me a bit concerned though it's not a metric that I really understand? Because looking at the map, the BIGGEST drop is across the continent of Africa. Oh and in the Middle East.

Which means that it's really just about mainly people in Africa who for some reason or other seem to download far less than people on any other continent which maybe is about number of Java developers? So it's just about percentages? Regardless still like Africa, no negatives in their direction just wondering a bit about me and my product and what that might say.

Having a very lightweight specialized app for a very specialized group of people is VERY convenient. And I do use Class Viewer myself, where for me it's usually most important when I decide to do a bit of coding as no longer code all the time, so routinely have to refresh my skills and it's very good for quick lookups.

So short of it is, thank you for continuing downloads. Class Viewer support is ongoing, and I think I'm aiming for 2018 for an updated version unless am pushed sooner which could happen if got feedback needing something, which has never happened, or changes are made to the Java language which require it.

James Harris
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