Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thoughts on the record

One of my favorite stories was about when was back in my hometown Tifton, GA where I grew up and I had reason to go to the Tift County public library to check the periodicals section. Was looking for a TIME magazine which published a letter I wrote to the editor.

So found it and for some reason or other read it aloud to the reference librarian. But this post isn't about the subject of that letter but of the record.

Found out that letters to the editor can get edited. Ok. And turns out I also recently found a copy of the original magazine, from which am going to copy out what was published so I have an online record of it. Which is a lot for me but could be interesting to others I think. But wish I'd kept the original that I sent to TIME. Why didn't I? Not sure. So really am vague about how original was edited.

The issue is November 11, 2002, and the cover is quite beautiful as has a fetus in the womb. It's a special report issue.

Seems like a world ago. Here's the published version of what I wrote for my own personal online record, as am copying from the physical magazine I bought back then. May as well use their format as well so capitalization was theirs. Was under "Battle Plans":

YOUR REPORT ON THE WEAPONS THAT THE U.S. could use in a war with Iraq [WORLD, Oct.21] noted that Iraq's best tactic would be to deploy weapons of mass destruction. While Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against Iran, today his troops would have trouble getting close enough to deliver them. So what would be a possible Iraqi gambit? If the U.S. began military operations to soften up Iraq, Saddam would quickly ask the U.N. to send in weapons inspectors. He would then show the inspection team he doesn't have any weapons of mass destruction. There would be an international outcry to lift the sanctions and force the U.S. to pay reparations for any damage done. The U.S. needs the inspectors to go in before we attack.

James Harris

So just typed that over and reading it am like, well the UN did send them! And they reported they couldn't find any. Kind of makes you wonder, eh? Actually maybe a bit naive, as I speculated rather wrongly am sure today about how some things could play politically. But that's what got published. Want this record here so will put it.

People looking up what's saved online if they can access can compare to what I have here. Which I can do as well, but haven't recently though did so a while back which is why I went to the public library to see what they had.

The record is a fascinating thing! And consider that the original letter is one I lost, though guess TIME magazine has it. I think they have the gist of it though quite well so don't wish to put that out as some big deal. But it is odd what information gives you.


James Harris
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