Sunday, March 05, 2017

What moving on taught me

To me my story is kind of boring in that can give certain things so quickly. Like yeah, figured out some things in expert areas where the experts refused to properly acknowledge, which greatly upset me for a bit. Then I realized I could NOT make certain people do what they should, and other people couldn't really tell as lacked the expertise, and besides I could figure other things out. And the web happily draws attention to things that work, so I got a global presence anyway.

It's like, imagine you find a HUGE diamond in the rough, you think, so take to diamond experts who refuse to acknowledge it is one. But you figure out how to check, and yup is one, and one of the biggest ever found so you're suspicious of their motives. But to other people? It's just this big rock. How are they supposed to know is really a diamond and is one of the biggest finds ever? That's what experts are for.

Moving on to other areas though helped me tremendously as I worked on things like how we know, or think we know things. Took my functional approach into other important areas like in defining science, and was fascinated when I could use it to define entertainment, and even bring the two things into a science of entertainment.

Tempted to link a lot to posts covering those areas but Google search works! Just do searches like: beyond mundane experts

But yeah you need to use Google.

And in the area of entertainment, remarkably enough, experts have less influence over the outcome as entertainment is about the audience. Experts in the entertainment industry can just ignore me, if they wish, but they can't just sit back if that audience shifts, as it will move them, guaranteed.

It's like, if entertainment executives wish to keep doing certain things, and produce certain things that no longer draw an audience? Then they're out of business. Unlike experts in other areas who depend on society and public funds, so they can ignore me indefinitely, I guess.

And the audience? Well they get better entertainment! And who doesn't want that?

I know I do. So it's simple. I'm getting more benefits this way too, and having MUCH more fun.

Sounds so dramatic though. Gist of it is just that if I have good ideas with the science of entertainment, bringing predictive certainty into helping people control mood, feel more confident would have a reported benefit. And also feel like have more options if certain folks also try that silent treatment thing. Because audience has the real power and isn't likely to be pleased with such shenanigans.

That silent treatment is so mean.

Eventually then things might even work back, to those other experts who might then get dragged into the limelight. Society sees what they've done and yanks THEIR public funds.

Weirdly enough these things ARE big enough that one way or another, will get worked out, and entire thing works out great for the human species.

So instead of me just focused in some expert areas, producing things very important in highly specific areas, I was forced to range, and I DO appreciate it, now.

It's SO much more entertaining. And I know as I defined entertainment as a result, as was motivated to develop some rather remarkable intellectual tools unlike any in human history.

And I think all makes for a much better story as well.

World wins.

Still editing, and reading back through? That plan given reeks of desperation. Well at least it has lots of fun in it for real. Remarkably though? Should work. And I may be one of the few people in the world who has developed the expertise to know why.

Letting go can be so important, as it can free you, to do more. Moving on taught me so much more than if I'd focused in one area with a few people, trying to convince. It let me discover and learn, so much more.

James Harris
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