Friday, April 03, 2015

Traveling to South Georgia, USA

As someone who grew up in the Deep South, which is a historic region of the United States, I've had any number of feelings about the area, but as I grow older am appreciating the positives more than at any other time in my life. So thought, why not toss out something for people thinking of visiting this area? From an insider's perspective.

To me the most important thing to consider when coming here is the climate, which it turns out is humid subtropical! And for most of my life while growing up here, you got used to very hot, humid summers, which are epic enough for lots of fiction. If heat is not your thing, you might prefer Winter, Spring or Fall months.

My own view when I left here and considered times to come back was that Fall was best, and October is one of my favorites. But for instance, now in April is a great time as well, when temperatures are more mediterranean.

I'm going to focus now on the state where I grew up which is Georgia, where most people traveling here from elsewhere will come anyway as Atlanta is home to one of the biggest airports, well, in the world! And yes, am very proud of that reality. It is a busy hub of awesomeness, with a vast history all its own, and the full metropolitan flavor, but that is North Georgia, which is deservedly the most well-known anyway.

Getting from there to here is about a three hour drive if you go the fastest way down the interstate highway. Somewhere around four hours if you decide to take scenic routes or as long as you want. There are small airports in various places though too.

As you're heading south you can find quite a bit of farmland, and where I grew up is a farming community. Which means tourist attractions are focused on farming, like the Georgia Agirama, in my hometown.

If you like, fishing, got that. Hunting. Got that too. Those are things where it helps to do your research to see how you would go about doing such things. Snowboarding? No way. No where.

Water skiing? Yeah. Just do your research as to where and how to go about doing it. Will admit haven't done it yet! On my to-do list.

Just be prepared for bugs. Have all your shots. Bring your mosquito repellant. Make sure it works very well. Need I remind that the area is subtropical?

If you like the woods, we got'em. It can be so breathtakingly beautiful and vegetation shifts wherever you go in the world. Here there are so many beautiful ones like dogwoods, pecan trees, peach trees. I know some people even have their own tangerine tree.

There actually is a tradition of Southern Hospitality which can be oversold to some extent, but I just think of it as being polite, and why isn't that a tradition everywhere? Actually I think people are nice as well in other places, like New York City, though I haven't been yet. Also on my to-do list.

And oh yeah! Lots of famous people from South Georgia. Feels kind of weird. You know who they are, or if you don't can look them up. Um, if any want me to plug them just let me know! Will happily add your name here for an autographed picture!

To me really the best advice is knowing when to come here to beat the heat. Don't get too overwrought about negatives in history either. Times have changed, and this state is changing with them. It's got its problem areas still though. But I see it as a constant work in progress. Obviously this post is not the place to discuss such things, so I will not.

This area maintains its agricultural roots, while staying connected with the rest of the world. It's where I grew up.

Though I kind of mostly had my head in the clouds.

From a backyard in Tifton, GA, USA

Yeah, big fluffy clouds in South Georgia. Got that.

James Harris
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