Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Opening Class Viewer with a class

While my open source project Class Viewer is for Java developers, I have pondered ways of making it more useful to others like coding instructors or software companies, which is why I finally got the opening to a class to work. Here is an example of a screenshot with Class Viewer being opened to its own class:

Clipped the bottom a bit, and it's really more small than I thought, um, ok, so the point of such a thing is that you can open Class Viewer to some default class.

Command line instruction for the above:

java com.jstevh.viewer.ClassViewer ClassViewer

If you wanted to default to String class it would be:

java com.jstevh.viewer.ClassViewer String

And that's with code unpacked from the jar, of course, which is what I recommend you do so that you can get full access to the classpath, and local files.

And I'm thinking some software company could use that to direct people to some code or something and I'm vague as it's kind of a vague notion. Kind of thing you put there and see if people need it or not.

Oh yeah, Class Viewer is a JApplet which was because I wanted it to be very web centered from the start, now over a decade ago. Got a vague idea about it being useable to let people browse your codebase online. Kind of like an easy reference guide. So this feature is also meant to help you open to info about your own code, in a webpage, or that's the idea.

James Harris
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