Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thinking public by default

To me if you're going to put something up public, then, well, it IS public. But the web is kind of super public. Like you can wander through Main Street if your town has one, or wander around downtown in a major city, which is one kind of public. But on the web millions of people can check out something you're doing, from all over the world.

To me that is mega public. So it's like being on Main Street times a thousand, or more.

If you're jumping up and down shouting on Main Street, people are likely to notice, but how will they react?

Public on the web is VERY public. But I think it can be hard to see it that way. Especially if you feel like no one is paying attention, as they may not be. Or you've tried lots of things and don't have the response you want.

So I like to flip things and imagine I'm looking at someone doing what I'm doing. What would I think? What might I do or not do?

Sometimes I like to emphasize things to try and get a handle on them, but it is different, the public reality of public on the web. So will admit I find myself drawn to public people to see how they handle it.

They do get the most practice I would think.

James Harris
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