Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Abstracting global-local concept

Late last year brainstormed Globloc, a hypothetical idea for a social media company where that name comes from: global-local. And now find myself thinking more of that concept itself so will abstract it here.

The idea is to have one central company which deals with global issues, while local is robust enough to handle MOST things. The point in my mind being having a lightweight main corporation which can have unlimited growth with local reach.

For that to be feasible though you'd need to abstract ALL elements that can be handled globally, where I'm thinking that the connection is through the cloud and web, which can let you monitor locally with limited interference.

So the key to such a thing in our time is the web. It lets you, for instance, maintain a room locally which gives a 24 hour camera feed, which might activate if someone entered into that room to communicate something up the line. Not even knowing if it would be seen, but assuming it would. And regardless the recording would be saved.

Or if there were an escalating consumer complaint, a teleconference could be set up to the main offices along with the local person to try and address the issue with maximum expertise.

As much as I can speculate here, might be easier to brainstorm with a hypothetical situation, so imagining a social media work corporation. Where I know some exist but not going on anything in the real world but simply looking for something to hang concepts on. Anything here is open source.

Like you could have licensees for this Globloc Work company, who might pay some fee which could be rather light compared to heavy infrastructure franchises, as their main task might be finding the best people willing to go to people's homes to do odd jobs for them.

So the global might give a territory. Guidelines for hires and do national background checks, but also expect the local to do background checks as well using available resources, which could be people in the community. That is, the local would be like a small business. Where the global would handle things like the insurance company, hiring procedures, and work procedures. And things like uniforms, which it might ship to the local.

Benefit to the local person might be focus on things that can't be done as well at the national level, like finding very engaging, energetic and personable people who will work hard, satisfy the client, without breaking rules, or especially any laws. The local person is in the best position to oversee the work.

If that all worked the global could be in a major city, like San Francisco, and for the most part handle things at the national level. But every once in a while handle issues as they arose at the local level. But maintain constant connection through the web.

And you know you can go to the limits these days. Employees could wear body cameras, for instance.

Hmmm...that could get oppressive though, but I think depends on the employee. For some people it would be awesome to always be on camera, and you could even allow them to post great work at their discretion as long as customer privacy was preserved. Which could be hard. And now feeling that brainstorming flow hemmed in by not fun things as legal issues start to crop up.

Worrying about legal issues seems to just stop the creative flow for me.

James Harris
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