Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Some musings on expectations of others

Gotta get back to San Francisco I've started telling myself. It's been over three years now and for one thing I need more photos. And yes, can take photos elsewhere, but for instance on this blog one of the most popular posts has a photo of a San Francisco street sign. I posted it over three years ago. Back October 31, 2012 according to the post. So I know for sure which one I mean will leave myself a ready reference.

And what if I'd established myself as a photographer who focused on San Francisco scenes? Well I might have fans wondering when I'd put up anything, please ANYTHING, new from the City.

Expectations of others are important. And if you look around at people who do a great job of setting expectations where they can deliver, you will notice they DO.

I like to call it the social contract: the understanding others have that you will be there for them in some way, like with continuing content after you have established a want.

Like you've been funny, and established yourself as a comedian--not surprisingly people will expect you to keep bringing the funny.

Maybe someday will establish myself more with photography. But necessarily then will need to keep taking pictures! And also do so with the expectations of others in mind, if I want them to keep paying attention. Of course there is also that artistic perspective of putting up things as the spirit moves you.

And some of the greatest portfolios of art were clearly done without caring at all who showed up to pay attention, where now millions do.

But that is the purity of the true artist. True artists don't get excited with whether or not you're going to show up or not. They're just doing it for the art.

Or at least that's what I believe but I also know of plenty of great artists in history who did what it took to pay the bills. Like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, right?

Wait a minute, where do we get this notion of art for art's sake? What does that even mean? Possibly for many it can mean starving artist here you are.

To me if you're doing things you really don't like doing, then yeah, that's wrong. Almost changed to "questionable" but seriously, I think that's wrong. But if you enjoy doing something, why shouldn't you get paid for it too? Will ponder more.

James Harris
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