Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Confronting race reality

So yeah am some Black guy who went to a top university on a scholarship and got my degree in Physics. My story though is not one the American press likes. Supposedly Black or "minority" students are a special class of people, because deep down a lot of people believe they may not quite have the genetic capacity for intelligence of Whites or other ethnicities.

Oh no! Yeah I dared say it.

Of course science has completely debunked such notions and revealed that race is an arbitrary human construct which has no scientific validity. It is something human beings just kind of made up, though you can get in some CRAZY arguments with people absolutely certain that race is a thing, they know exactly what it is, but watch them fall apart if you try to get them to define it.

Would link to the Wikipedia on race, but just go there yourself and read up on what it really means and maybe get more perspective on what it means to be a human being. We are one species. Get over it.

But what fascinates me is a machinery dedicated to hiding the belief that Black people, and American Blacks in particular, are some kind of weird subhuman variant with an intelligence maybe for hip hop, dance, rap and sports, but oh no, math? Science?

So if there is contradictory evidence, from someone like me? Ignore it of course!

And figure there are those people who would question my degree, like maybe it was handed to me as something "politically correct". For those who don't know that is a code phrase. I do know. And I know the code too.

But for some people race is as obvious as the nose on their face, and beliefs of the demonstrated, to them, inferiority of some races is just as obvious. Claims otherwise? They say is political correctness.

With those harboring hostile views about a race, so much can be about escape to denial.

What else can some deluded person fixated on false beliefs about race do?

How about maybe just acknowledge what you truly believe? And accept it is false?

The wonderful thing though is the web lets us air things out, work through, and see things that in the past were too easily hidden.

And lets you see humanity around the globe like never before. So reality will check the noise and yeah, soon enough certain things will just be gone. Melted away by the light of knowledge I think sounds kind of poetic.

Sharing works!

It's a great thing.

James Harris
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