Thursday, February 25, 2016

Avenues of opportunity

Found myself considering the faith in society necessary for people to emerge in certain fields of endeavor. And sports to me is a great reference to consider, as for instance ice skating takes a great deal of investment in personal time, and resources for those who wish to compete in it.

But what if you didn't know whether or not your efforts would be recognized, no matter how good you were?

In contrast in a sport like tennis, which also involves a great deal of investment in personal time and resources, the issue is always a head-to-head where each side fights the other for every point.

Of course with ice skating you can have races, which are objective as well.

Another sport where there is LOTS of effort upfront and faith in society is gymnastics where things can be so much about what others see.

In sports so much is visible, but what about other areas where SO much effort is involved? People who worked hard to learn and do things investing vast amounts of time and effort where faith in society is necessary?

Needing some faith in your society for plenty of things is a really BIG DEAL and will admit growing up as a Black kid in the Deep South did hear at times pessimistic adults informing me that certain things would not be allowed for me.

But how right were they?

That was decades ago, while in our time the issue is coming to the forefront, and people need to realize that if you face people who have decided that merit is not what matters you can lose when you walk in the door and they see something irrelevant which makes their decision.

And what about all your work and effort then?

People can be broken on such things. Some people may never even try. Going all the way back to those decisions about where you put your efforts.

Science has helped our species out. It revealed that we are all, human. And that regardless of what some human beings may believe, we're nonetheless all, human. And our abilities as human beings are those of human beings. Easy. But some can still believe otherwise, and can destroy lives on those beliefs--if they have the decisionmaking power.

So much better when such people don't though, and more and more in our modern world, not knowing things well, is not a way to move forward. And more and more the people with the decisionmaking power know the simplest thing that human beings are human.

It is up to society though to focus people on possibility. And help those who are free to succeed to not assume avenues of opportunity have been closed to them for reasons which increasingly do not apply.

After all, we can all benefit so much from the efforts of so many who with their brilliance expand our horizons and experience as human beings. Our world wants as many as can, to do, at its best. While the reality that not all are yet allowed is sobering. It is not a reason to despair, if one can find your own way regardless.

Find your own way, as best you can.

James Harris
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