Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My focus on simple

As much as I've talked about my various claims at times, I think I failed to note that my focus has been on simplifying things where the start was with math. So I used some rather simple ideas to simplify vast areas of mathematics, producing very powerful and easy to use techniques, which to my surprise were not officially recognized. That bothered me for a bit, but then was like, shrug. And I moved on to other areas.

I realized a functional perspective to things could be applied in lots of places.

So recently I focused on functionally defining things like science, money and more recently entertainment.

Though I will admit my urge to define things fascinates me at times. To me it's a compulsion that makes sense! I need the definition, look around and if what is established doesn't work for me, I figure out one that does.

The point of a functional definition as I see it is to let you know not just what something is, but when you have it. So for instance I can give simple questions to ask a scientist to see if that person is actually doing science, even if you know nothing about the scientific field.

Or my functional definition of entertainment can tell you exactly what it is.

And with money, my ideas not only tell you what money actually is, functionally, but lead to simple explanations for things like unemployment, or chronic government deficits.

Simplifying can turn areas where established academics or experts rely on decades of training into places where just about anyone can do better with a few simple concepts.

And from what I've seen, like from the battles I've fought around my ideas in the past as just don't bother now, that's not a popular thing, with the experts.

Can a simpler idea just be wrong? Yup. That can be why it's so simple! As it's too simple, so simplicity in and of itself is not an indicator something is right!

So how do you know then? Experts can figure out if ideas work or not. Why they're experts.

And presumably experts would welcome simple ideas that work. I thought that for a LONG time.

Does it worry me? Nope. Human beings like simple. If I'm correct it shouldn't worry you either, as the ideas will rapidly move through the world, and be used.

Who cares if some "expert" wants to give me an award or not. I don't. And turns out I don't really need experts to validate me in these areas, surprisingly. For a long time I thought I would.

That may sound strange but is true! I don't need experts to help me in areas where I've simplified to better than what they know anyway. Feels strange actually. And my ideas don't need their help either, as people do just try things and better beats everything else. Duh. So over time my ideas take over on their own. My ideas really just don't care. But of course there are plenty of people who need experts to tell them to know for sure. While I'm one person who is just free to do things.

Like I can give awards. Which is more fun! Even if is really just my opinion.

James Harris
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