Monday, March 14, 2016

Opinions on timelines for some web things

Found myself thinking how long in my opinion it takes to get certain web things really settled and going well, which got me to thinking, why not post my OPINIONS? So here goes.

For a blog, I think about two years will get a dedicated person or organization a decent handle, where total posts? Well that's one of the things to figure out, how much do you want to post? How much SHOULD you post for purposes of blog? How much will you actually post?

On Twitter, I think about five years, will maybe give you a good sense of things. But more and more I think Twitter is the one place where most people don't realize, including myself, just how huge the challenge actually is. But with that amount of time, there is a tweet history, again showing how much tweeting was done versus maybe one might think will do.

And on Twitter after about five years, I found I could look at all kinds of things and be surprised by what happened, much of it inexplicable to me, still. But at least am now less surprised by what may happen.

With others I think timelines are much shorter. Like a public page on Facebook am thinking should only take a few months to get a feel for what to do, if you know what you're doing. If you don't, like me, yeah you can muddle around for a few years until was like, I don't know what am doing. So I looked around more, and was more like, oh. Not sure if I can do what I need to do to make it more popular, but at least know better how that is done.

With Instagram, have the feeling that I still don't quite know? But I follow on Instagram. Looking at various accounts am thinking, with a guess, around 6 months?

And no clue with SnapChat.

Oh yeah, need to include Google+ as spend TONS of time there. But I don't have a handle on the question for it. So yeah, lots doing with what I prefer to call G+ but know I use it lots, but feel like is still developing much into something which should be rather potent. So later if all goes well with it, will have a firm opinion am sure.

Occurs to me is pointless to make an ever longer blog post when have covered areas where am most confident already, with my OPINION of how long it takes.

But is a great question to ask people I think: how long do you think it takes to get some web thing up and running well?

James Harris
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