Saturday, March 12, 2016

Talking some of my attention baseline

An important way I rely upon my one open source project is as an attention baseline, where I have focused on downloads from 2004, when it was created, to 2014, so I have a decade for reference. And there were downloads from over 150 countries, for a total of 35367, which yes, is a bit under 10 downloads per day for 10 years. And lots of days was literally like 9 downloads. I still find that rather odd.

But means can say something I created garnered interest from over 150 countries, which you may notice is far more compact where I focused on the most dramatic thing I think.

But that allows me to say have a global presence, with information that is publicly available so am easily checked by those so inclined.

Which means that can make sense from that perspective for me to look at things like giving my own appreciation awards, where I could reasonably suspect my choices could get wide attention from around the planet.

And checking Google Analytics where stats are not publicly available, so like to use them less for public declarations now, see that this blog had visits from 44 countries in last 30 days.

Those gestures of appreciation which I decided to call the Beyond Mundane Social Awards tend to be more industry, as picked out what I think are best performers in social in categories dominated by social media companies, technology companies or technology people, while the BEST award gives me more latitude to pick widely though with latest awards, ended up picking Netflix. Which is an arbitrary choice by me, but so far just my opinion.

So yeah that's a bit of background on how it can be relevant for me to give my own appreciation awards because as a person who has things that draw global attention that can actually matter. Where yes, would like that to be a good thing.

James Harris
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