Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My suggestions on using Twitter

Currently have 144 followers at time of this writing--as that thing can change--on my Twitter account which I think is a decent number. Kind of wonder sometimes why it's that high, but I'll take it. And have some suggestions for those out there who wish to keep their follower count low.

First off, have posted already that "followers" I think is the wrong word, as is more an audience in my opinion. So yes, if you're not entertaining? Don't expect it to get high.

So yeah, don't try to entertain people if you wish to manage your follower numbers!

However human beings like to compare themselves to others so you get really weird behavior on Twitter. Like I try not to follow accounts that start following me for a while, as I noticed that some of them? Would wait to see if I followed and if I didn't they'd drop me!

They were JUST FOLLOWING TO GET FOLLOWERS which is utterly worthless behavior.

So they didn't care about what I was tweeting. No interest in me as a human being AT ALL. I was just a way to try and get one more number which is useless as it's an audience number. So it's like you have these people trying to fill an auditorium when they don't have an act.

And that's about it. Don't try to entertain people, and don't follow just to get a follow back, and you too, like me, can I believe successfully manage your Twitter account.

But DO follow accounts that interest you. Follow just enough to have as many tweets in your stream as you like, without being overwhelmed. And look for areas of interest to you when picking accounts to follow.

It's your time. Why not use it to get the best information you can from the accounts that deliver it to you consistently, accurately, and fast?

I like to call Twitter the social media power tool of the 21st century. And learning to use it takes WORK. Some people try things that leave me shaking my head. But hey, it's free. They can do what they want. And it's not like I know for sure they're wrong!

However I strongly suspect some people see follower count as a status symbol. Yeah, maybe for celebrities or organizations, but to me? It doesn't matter under a million.

So if you don't have a million or more followers? Your Twitter account doesn't have status with me in that way. But I'm just one person with an opinion. Maybe others might be impressed?

Occurs to me that's actually quite arbitrary. Just an obvious metric. So does less than a million matter? To me? Yes. But that doesn't mean that's actually meaningfully valid I guess by some way I can't even think would actually fit here as typing. Really not that important I guess to me.

But if you're chasing status that way? I think that's interesting. It IS so obvious if you're trying. Hard not to notice.

Twitter is a fascinating place. Lots of players using all kinds of ways. Getting to the top of the heap there? Well everybody has an opinion on that one am sure.

I prefer to just enjoy Twitter as one of the greatest tools for communication ever devised.

James Harris
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