Monday, June 27, 2016

Getting the mood

Decided should try and make something popular, and have noted that entertainment is just a safe way to control our own moods so thought to myself, why not talk moods? And how do you get the mood of your entertainment then?

So mood is really about feelings where reality can be complex which is why is a better word. I kind of like the idea of mood as potentially a complex feeling constellation, which is why it's not as simple as saying you go watch a movie to feel happy. Complex feeling constellation. That just cries out creativity to me.

So going to brainstorm and make something up. Idea is, if is useful, please share if you wish as my goal was to make something people would go, gotta share that! And make this post popular and that will do it. If not just forget about it.

So two steps to getting that mood:

1. Before a particular entertainment if not sure already of mood it should give pause and reflect on something like it. Like if action movie think of a favorite action movie. If complex drama, think of favorite drama for just a bit, and don't hold on to it. Just a brief feel of it. And that's it. Now do the entertainment like watch the movie, ride that roller coaster, or have that fine dining experience.

2. After find a pause point. That can be a bit of work! Like they will probably rush you off roller coaster car and not appreciate you studying your mood. Maybe if with a group you can some place safe, briefly circle and hold hands, close your eyes and for a few seconds, just feel your mood.

Now you have a reference point and that's it. You got the mood.

And can compare next time. Sort of like on a second date, the first date is compared, and if better? Then why not a third, eh?

If you don't have an experience reference point can research. Like an adventure movie, should yeah, give a sense of adventure, which is freedom, exploration and excitement.

And that's it. Decided to brainstorm and see what happened as why not ponder, how do you get the mood?

If it works, great! If not, then um, I'm just typing some things to see what happens. It's my blog so I can.

Brainstorming posts of mine get light if any editing and just finished, where mainly just look for really dumb mistakes. If this one was good for you then the favor to me is to share somehow with someone who will appreciate it.

James Harris
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