Saturday, June 18, 2016

With my ideas, what video service?

Sometimes I like to just speculate with what would result using my own ideas for something that people think has to be a certain way. Like YouTube is dominant video service and I use it a lot and like it.

But what would change if they directly implemented my ideas?

Remarkably there would be one main thing for sure: option for YouTube channels to allow download of a video after watching for a fee.

That is, people could STILL watch just like usual, but if they WISHED they could also see the option, for those who wanted to give it for their videos, to pay something like $1 US, or maybe more actually depending, and also download.

And yes if they wished they still might steal like people can do now anyway by doing downloads with options not directly allowed by YouTube.

My theories say plenty of people would buy, rather than steal, if they had the option, even if stealing was possible. And yes, plenty would buy rather than just watch over and over again on the site, like they can now.

If that sounds naive or weird to you then you have a divergence of your point of view with my theory.

So if I created a video service myself that would be standard, as consistent with my idea that most people will buy quality once they see it. But that idea that determining quality is key to making a buying decision is standard off the web.

So why can't you now? Ask the parent company of YouTube why.

If you can I don't know of it. As I remember to put in disclaimers. Better safe than sorry.

Funny enough Steve Jobs broke the thinking on downloads of songs, with iTunes when he forced the ability to buy songs. Of course he was a genius. Without him? Who knows what would have happened there. But for real, for those who make money from sales on iTunes imagine if that option were not there. One guy made it happen.

Why didn't music industry want to do before Steve Jobs so he had to MAKE it happen? Ask them.

James Harris
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