Monday, June 06, 2016

Our species thinks about itself a lot

Searching for efficient ways to describe myself was a natural thing for me to do, and eventually that idea of focusing on my own things in a self-referential way got me inevitably to pondering just how much we human beings are fascinated by yup, human beings.

We're kind of stuck with it though. And push at it a bit with our fiction, especially science fiction where can try to imagine other sentient species is how it's usually said, but even that is a fiction of our imaginings that we could succeed.

For a long time I was revolted by the notion that man could be the measure, and still don't think that's correct! Science shows us a lot that our reality produced us, someway on which we can all agree though which way is contentious, or most of us as some people...but I digress. Science shows a reality that has rules that don't care about us, so we learn those rules and can do very well compared to yup, how humans did before! Those rules may not care should admit, but the Laws of Physics seem remarkably good at facilitating our existence, but that's a whole other area.

Our species has little choice but to engage in endless comparison with itself, as comparing elsewhere is odd. Like I really like algebra. I find it odd that people hate on algebra so much, but doesn't concern me at all if other creatures can't even comprehend it.

Have avoided using a word in this post I've decided to plaster all over the place elsewhere, just kind of to see. Though self-referential is the equivalent.

Our endless fascination with human beings as human beings is even more pronounced now like with the selfie. Like an endless stream of mirrors facing each other we reflect until some of us are simply reflecting ourselves.

And in a sense that's all that's happening anyway. Humans reflecting humans.

Even when we try to talk something else, there's usually a reflection of something human that drives us.

Do wonder if we will find ourselves as a species with other choices as is more possible clearly now as maybe some computer will get sentient, or maybe some other species will come and visit from space?

But notice how uncomfortable that could be. As for me? I like our species' self-absorption. Am endlessly fascinated by--human.

So to me things are ok just the way they are. Not like reality is listening to me, of course. But I find a certain comfort in saying anyway, which I suspect? Is only human.

James Harris
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