Friday, June 03, 2016

Remarkable web search

As often as it is used to me one of the most astounding features of the modern web is search, where yes one company leads the way, and our modern search reality shifts so much.

When I was growing up was an avid reader who loved going to the library and not just to pick up fiction books, which read a lot across a lot of genres, but also to consult the reference section. While also had encyclopedias at home, and in fact, my Mom sold them for awhile. For me the awe of web search is endless as there is less reason to go to the library for those reasons, though should note librarians can STILL help you a lot if struggling to find something. And am a HUGE fan of libraries still, and please support your local library or libraries! They are SO important still.

But like now people can search so routinely they may fail to realize how much it shifts things especially for outsiders--people can come to things of interest from all over the world.

And how do we know those things are of interest? Because of web search.

Of course that doesn't prove correctness, but it dawned on me it does show interest of some kind.

Where yeah reasons can be all over the map, but consider in the past, how you might try to get something of yours into those libraries as a reference for others.

When you talk about the biggest thing on the web which levels the playing field in my opinion, it is web search. Yes, people can potentially come to your content from all over, just by having something on the web, but how will they know it's there?

But web search to me is not intuitive. But how do most realize how it works? You can read up what people who do say about it, or try to figure out from searches you do. But for most, those searches either just work, which they do a remarkable amount of time in my opinion, or they don't!

Either you get what you want within the first few results shown, or rarely you will find it if you keep going through page after page of results in my experience.

James Harris
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