Thursday, August 04, 2016

Notions am pondering

The web is a great way to express yourself. And more and more feel confident can say people are switching to the perspective you should focus where you have interest.

Sharing interest with others can work. But also you can run into antagonism if people are territorial which in my experience is in traditional fields where there is an established social hierarchy.

But the web doesn't care.

The web can actually be like a really cool friend which will endlessly give you little bits of encouragement or help guide you better if you are on the wrong track. Or just ignore you, if you're just totally not doing anything that interests others.

Because the web leverages attention.

Build something useful? And likely people will use it.

Question often.

The curiosity of the web is changing our world--it represents the curiosity of so many human beings on the web.

And human curiosity? That need to know is what has pushed our species to where it is today, which has both good and bad. Not so horrible I think as mythological tales might lead you to believe though time will tell.

Something I've noticed is that our curiosity is defining. It will take you somewhere, if you really have it. How curious you are will show itself whether you realize it or not.

For the most curious, it will drive you.

Best if your curiosity leads you to the best ideas, for a better world.

James Harris
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