Monday, August 01, 2016

When ideas should pay

One of the things I like to do is give away ideas for the good of people all over planet Earth, which is why I know they are to be given away. Because my own assessment is that money at its best is for when you do a favor for a stranger on a contract basis, where everything is legal, of course.

And I'm on planet Earth, so am I doing anyone a favor if I think ideas can help the planet? Nope. Stuck here with everybody else until can build a starship...yeah I would like to build a starship. Don't know how yet. But not really stuck as think SO much progress has been made by our species, and we're just getting started really as things are making more sense, which also seems to give a greater sense of despair for many. It's like we can sense what is possible, and want it now.

So to me ideas SHOULD pay if those ideas can be part of products or services which are legally provided for strangers on a contract basis which may be written but not necessarily, without having an overriding community benefit, especially if global.

To me the assertion despite its simplicity is increasingly fascinating. The basic ideas embodied are ones have puzzled over for a few years now to get to that form of expressing.

My favorite example lately is the convenience store.

Ever wonder why prices of items in convenience stores can be so much higher than elsewhere? You're seeing the price of the convenience.

Convenience stores are FULL of ideas that pay, and yes, you may know the store owner, but even if that person is at the register taking your money as payment back for the favor of items conveniently placed there for you, how many of you are going to really get to know that person?

Please don't try after reading. Would be odd and awkward am sure. Convenience store owners all over the world wondering what happened? Why are all these customers trying to get to know me?

But you see, you can get that value from a stranger for one reason only--money.

Money facilitates limited social trust. Letting you get the favor of ideas where who knows who figured them out or when, at your convenience, and the money is a social IOU backed by society to pay that person back at a later time.

Without money? There is no modern civilization.

James Harris
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