Sunday, July 31, 2016

Open process but still more can say

To me transparency is not only fun it helps I think as it keeps me from needing to explain myself much, and over time helps with consistency. And I've been chasing my own solutions for things publicly for over 20 years now.

Start of the problem solving thankfully noted at least the month and year as was April 1995 when I started as a hobby. And at some point decided I needed a day and I think I started April 15th so declared that the day. Figured was a good way to exercise my mind. Yup, it is. Not so much public at first though.

So before social media existed and before blogs. Actually had a website at one point, but even before was really first public back in 1996 when I got on Usenet and tried to talk out math ideas.

With that kind of time have seen quite a few things, and even had situations where was certain had important things, and there were other people along you can say who were paying attention, and I found out I was WRONG. The ideas didn't pan out.

Well I'd feel terrible even though felt was a longshot anyway figuring out anything important, and talked out my ideas and put up just about everything was thinking but still made mistakes especially early on, which it turns out is natural.

These days have a very refined process which actually does limit that at least that I can see. Where reality is most of the ideas that make it through to my blogs have been put through some kind of testing, and definitely if they stay up.

So yeah in case you didn't know I pursued an open idea search process where I think hiding basic research ideas out of fear that someone else might steal them is just boring. Which meant I'd post about an idea near its inception, and talk out theories as I chased it down. And got bored years ago with the fear that someone might scoop me.

Reality is, it was easier. And I do NOT recommend it. Having ideas stolen is a reality. I'm just in a unique position where it doesn't matter for me with BASIC ideas that are global if valuable. People can't steal the biggest ones.

History will always dig to figure it out.

So yeah if you've wondered, no I didn't care if someone tried to steal my ideas. I encouraged it. It may take awhile, but eventually credit for the idea will still go, to me

Basic research phase is OVER though. I need to call it. So today is good. That means end to open process as well. Was fun.

Have tried before to end it but I feel it now. So from April 15, 1995 to July 31, 2016, was a good run. I've got a enough basic ideas. Now more interested in refining. And THAT does not work so well all out in the open.

James Harris
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