Sunday, October 02, 2016

Comfort of meta and my innovative ideas

In our times it is mundane to say, why not brainstorm ideas and put them up on the web? But to me that was obvious over 20 years ago, which is really cool, and I reflect on my experience which is meta, because it is safer, and comforting.

Getting this blog name was where things weren't as easy as with other blogs as could call it "Beyond Mundane" as can call it what I want, but beyondmund was what was available, which actually I like, as kind of a nickname.

Am much into naming things, including trying to describe what I think I do, where finally settled on meta innovator. Am still trotting it out, to keep checking. Does it really work? Should I switch to something else? Time will tell. So much is about feel. Right now still feels like best way to describe for me, to describe me, which yup, is very meta.

My ideas I think are innovative are all over the map though, which is why it's useful to collect into a blog, where I have blogs, so have worked at that more lately. And I talk less about the specifics of the ideas themselves in posts like this one as am done for the most part critiquing them.

So what makes me think ANY of my ideas were innovative? Good question I ask for those who may wonder. Got blogs that explain LOTS.

To me one of the best things WAS to take it for granted for a long time would put up public all the ideas I wanted to work on, or figure out. Now I don't do that any more. Is work! Putting up ideas public puts pressure on me to make sure they're correct.

Did for some time with abandon so I have ideas scattered all over the web.

But if you realize I've been doing that for over 20 years? That's not surprising at all. The sheer volume exceeds my ability to have a grasp of it. I don't even try any more.

James Harris
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