Thursday, February 02, 2017

So what happened

Realized may as well put down in writing situation as I see it more personal. Kind of get close at times but making another effort here with this post. And big thing was wanted to do something important with my life like many people do, and ended up focused on ideas and discovery.

Well aware of my limitations though I figured I'd pick an easy area for me in a difficult subject area, and try to get lucky, where can be hard to explain how that works, but understand was looking for easy. Technically I concentrated on elementary methods in mathematics, which means avoiding all kinds of hard analysis, including calculus, though I ended up finding something where did it anyway, as was needed. That result if true is one of the biggest in mathematical history. But how do you know? You can't know just from me saying here or anywhere. Others would have to agree for most to know, though some can check me easily enough.

But that was all on the side. Had a job and was thinking about careers and for awhile was professional software developer which made sense as have been coding since was 12, but bounced around with lots of things as also have wanted to be a writer. So I gave myself permission to do much, to learn about as much as possible, and settle down later and maybe even try to write a book.

Then ran into what looked like overwhelming success with discovery, multiple times. Each time was a shock to the system really. Luckily and oddly after some things that looked WAY too big for me to really have I ran into a period where math things I had were just wrong, wrong, WRONG and the self-doubt ultimately helped me massively. That may sound odd, but at 26 I had a result which is the least one I talk, which if correct would put me on the map at a level hard to explain. Later I struggled and it made me feel better. My abilities had to have limits. Figuring out how to know though, I defined mathematical proof itself with my first functional definition. Just so I could be able to check myself.

The web was developing during this time, and that really became important for me with ease of distribution of information.

So while I was struggling with convincing myself around my own ideas and also at times trying to convince experts to some extent, the web let people just check things out regardless and only now do I understand certain basic realities.

Like human interest is rather picky!!! And in fact, it's smarter to question myself than to question an objective reality showing it. Which guides me now as a smarter way to think about it.

That is, to me it is hard to fathom drawing interest at certain levels, but if objective measures say ideas I have do, then go with the objective measures. I used to joke about challenging Google as it seemed easier than processing what the data was saying.

Getting wordy. Wondering if I've wandered away from goals of this post.

Ok, so reality is that objective measures agreed with the assessment I had found important things, and some people were not doing what was expected and some other people were still doing things based on the way things had been. That is, mathematical experts clearly decided they could sit tight on my results, and the press just had no clue about anything. I watched them with the recent American presidential race with fascination. Concluded that most in the press, still do not understand the web, at all.

I branched out for good reason. There were things I wanted to know! And if I had these discoveries at the level it appeared I did, then I'm like, well I should be able to do more! And that challenge meant I could look for answers to some big questions, not as a person who was looking to prove himself really, but as a curious person who almost felt like he had this unbelievable opportunity.

So I took my functional approach to science with a definition. That definition allows me to check scientists will note, without needing to understand their field in detail. I wanted to help the climate change debate, which was the primary motivation.

More recently my curiosity turned to entertainment, so I could understand the 'why' of it. There finally I had something that could go beyond a narrow audience of experts too! I realize that is most likely why country counts for this blog jumped so high suddenly. It was relevant to more people.

If correct, these ideas can change the lives of every single person on planet Earth, not just because say, math or science is important, but also because entertainment is such an integral part of the human experience.

Lots of times I see myself as just some guy. And I come across these things, like writing. And part of me knows I wrote these things, but is even better when years ago and feels distant. As it's like I'm coming across things written by's hard to explain. But THAT person who yes is me, but feels different has a confidence that fascinates me. Seems to look at reality as if seeing through it. And makes predictions that come true. Puts out ideas that move the world. And then just keeps on going as if were NOT a big deal at all.

While I focus on the day-to-day and worry about things like paying bills and making a living. I'm the aspect of that person who gets to consider how to live with my fellow humans, and keep things going when the other part of me isn't in the process of changing the world in some way.

It's like living in a comic book reality, Marvel version.

It is an odd perspective. For over two decades it has worked for the most part though yeah I understand the web. And I am both aspects in one person. Press people who still operate with 20th century methodologies are actually at my mercy. And have no tools whatsoever as far as I'm concerned. That sounds a little wrong to me, and kind of has suited me to some extent. Maybe am just really surprised. Press demystified. But also, the situation does put me in a position of figuring out basics like how do you make money while sticking with ideals and other practical realities.

On any given day my words echo around the planet and mostly in a web way. I could possibly negatively impact organizations that refuse to acknowledge my existence, but would rather not. And as I learn more and appreciate the time to learn, I prefer the path I've taken. The gentle way which turns away from force, and focuses on core humanity and working for a better future.

This post is kind of all over the place. Gist of it really is, I get attention and have ideas that get attention in a world that isn't so good at reporting properly on that reality, so I focus on a better world but do so in a way that is not about making people, but at looking at sharing information best.

Besides there is no rush. So much to learn. Always.

Reading back through can tell maybe more disappointed with the press than usually admit. But then again admitted already found myself rebelling against the idea of celebrity anyway, but should admit here not clear how might apply to me regardless. I'm into ideas. Math things. Defining science. But yeah entertainment ideas might drive some.

Main thing I got I think is time to settle down and get used to certain things, though also it's really cool on a constant basis. For me adventure is just deciding to have some, but always also to keep it in control, though I realize, control must have its limits.

Grew up in a rural area, with certain ideas about way things might go, even if REALLY lucky, and came across some ideas that changed everything far beyond my imagination. But also web had to be here so ideas could easily distribute. And it is. The web is so much that I find it endlessly fascinating.

We are the first humans to finally live in a time when for just about anyone, as guess still important limitations like needing to live in areas where free to speak, your ideas in and of themselves can pull attention globally because they can distribute so easily. You can finally rely on pure thought, if you can put it down some way, like writing on a blog.

That web distribution reality is what made it possible, but my discovery had to be there.

And now by objective measures...well have talked endlessly about it. Think covered enough here.

James Harris
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