Thursday, March 02, 2017

When stranger focus helped

Focusing on favors with money helped me understand it quickly, as for instance can have the favor of a cup of coffee from a friend, or can have a kind stranger just about anywhere in the world happily hand me a wonderful cup of coffee, in exchange for a social IOU, which is a promise to them they can get something for themselves later, we call money.

On this blog I have a fan approach, and have talked what I call fan or for favor on my new blog, where I can't talk names without getting paid for it, as a rule I made up for THAT blog. But here can talk company names without it meaning there is any connection to that company, and am a fan of Starbucks and also Peet's Coffee and Tea. Nice HUGE corporations that need no advertisement from me! But it fascinates me to realize just how far you can go with simple ideas.

So yes, you are a stranger when you walk through the door into a comforting and welcoming environment where strangers to you, happily brew you the best cup of coffee they can, or should, and you return the favor with money, by buying your drink. Brilliant!

Explained that way it's SO simple. So I like that example.

Community IS different. And you can now easily figure out why some people can make SO much more money, primarily from strangers, as that is how the system is focused, and others more community focused can make so much less, like teachers or firefighters.

The monetary system is NOT designed to show value.

Monetary system IS designed to trade favors--between strangers.

You can mess yourself up much in this life if you think monetary value shows things it does not.

Community still matters more actually. That requires some thought as well to figure out.

But I DO find it comforting.

Want to chase my musings on such subjects? An easy way is to click the label below this post called--money.

Or not, the choice, of course, is yours.

James Harris
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